PROJECT: supporting administration in the operation of mountain rescue structures in the Zalew region of Svanetia and the Kazbeg region

Svanetia region:

Kazbegi region:

Support for the local administration of the regions of Megrela and Rachy in the implementation of the regional tourism promotion policy. Exchange of experiences with the Imereti region

The launching project conference

The conference was held on July 12, 2016 and was participated by: representatives of the Kutais administration, the Oni administration, the Martwili city administration, employees of local tourist branches, regional assistants of the project, experts and specialists employed in the project Representatives of Internet TV MEGA TV, and information websites Kutaisi info”, “New press”, representatives of the ICAD Foundation and the Pro Motion Georgia Organization. The conference was hosted by representatives of the Kutaisi Administration.

Martvili Administration’s meeting

Practicing for youth in habitations

Workshops: Youth for the development of local tourism
On October 3-4, 2016 took place in Kutaisi a two-day workshop devoted to the development of tourism in Kutaisi and the Imereti region

Practicing in Oni

Megrelia trail

Racha trail

Youth exchange between these 3 regions