Project: Integration and support in operational skills improvement in Mountain Rescue Services in Mestia – region Svanetia

Source of financing:
Polish Development Cooperation Programme
Ministry of Foreign Affair

The main purpose of the project was to support the public administration in the field of crisis response in the region of Svanetia in Georgia. The previous expert evaluation showed that the rescue groups in this region don’t have any emergency and response schemes in the crisis situation as well as the necessary equipment to carry out their activities effectively.

In order to improve the situation of rescue groups, the Foundation’s employees together with experts from GOPR (Edmund Górny), TOPR (Andrzej Maciata, Katarzyna Turzańska) and Specialized Services Department ltd. (Janusz Brożek) carried out the following activities:

  • Development and implementation of emergency response mechanisms for the emergency services of the Svanetian region located in Mestia
  • Improvement of qualifications and operational capacity of unit staff through practical and theoretical training
  • Establishment of the embryo of the Voluntary Mountain Rescue Service in Mestia
  • Verification of the equipment workings , the level of employees skills before and after the project activities.
  • Complementing the basic safety equipment of the individual survival craft

12 people were effectively trained and with having support of the Foundation, experts from Poland and the local administration, they created the embryo of the Voluntary Mountain Rescue Service in Mestia called “მთაში” „უსაფრთხოება” (Safety in the Mountains). The organisation was supported by the local administration, which has given its building in Hatsvali to conduct trainings. Specialized Services Department ltd. independently supported the further development of the organization in Svaneti in 2017, and in 2018 it was again contracted by the ICAD Foundation to conduct further activities aimed at improving the level of mountain rescue in Georgia.

The basic mountain rescue equipment was handed over to the local administration and the newly established organisation “Safety in the mountains”. A report concerning the condition of mountain rescue in the region and the optimal directions of its improvement has been prepared.