Project: Support to the local administration of Megrelia and Racha regions towards realization of regional tourism promotion. Exchange of experience with Imeretia Region.

Źródło finansowania:
Polish Development Cooperation Programme
Ministry of Foreign Affair

A two-year project, launched in 2016 and completed in 2017, was continuation as well as development of activities from 2014 and 2015. The project activities were innovative and focused on supporting local administrations in the Racha and Megrelia regions in the implementation of the local tourism development policy. Also was continued the cooperation with the administration of Kutaisi city, which had an opportunity to share its knowledge and experiences with other regions.
The project involved a large scale of activities, larger than in previous years.
According to assumptions, all the activities planned for the project were carried out, i.e:

In 2017:

  • Experiences exchange between 3 regions in terms of realization of tourism policy
  • Realization of activization trainings for young people living in those regions
  • Youth exchanges for young people interested in working in tourism sector between regions
  • Collection of promotional material for the regions of Megrála and Racha
  • Recruitment and training for representatives of rural farms
  • Creation at tourist information points an exhibition promoting the regions
  • Creation of Facebook promotional accounts for the districts of Oni and Martvili
  • Designing and marking hiking and horse-riding trails
    Region: Megrelia
    Trail’s length:  about 14km
    Trail’s route: from Lebarde spa to Tobavarchkhili lake.
    Trail’s attractionsu: Tobavarchkhili lake, shepherd’s hut, the mouth of a mineral water rich in iron , the area is known for its cheese sulguni production.
    Mountain trails Oni
    Trail 1
    Region: Racha
    Trail’s length 29 km
    Trail’s route: trail starts in Oni locality, runs through Ghebi village and Rioni valley, into the Rioni riverhead located on the Uvali mountain in Sartsividziri valley
    Trail’s attractions: view on the Edena, Tsiteli and Geze mountains, Ghebi village, Rioni and Sartsividziri valleys

    Trail 2
    Region: Racha
    Trail’s length: 27km
    – trail starts in Oni locality, runs through Chiora village into the Notsara valley
    Trail’s attractions: View on the Uvali mountains, Kirtisho glacier, Phastagtsete, Oseti mountain picks, region of occurrence the Capra caucasica.

In 2018:

  • Building a base for potential investors, which contains the essential information and advices
  • Designing and opening websites, which promote the Mergreli ( and the Rachy ( regions, updating website
  • Designing, printing out and distributing a travel guide, which promotes Georgia’s western regions. The distribution took place in Poland in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań, Czarnków and also during the World Travel Show, as well as in Georgia in Kutaisi, Oni and Martvili. (
  • Organisation of meetings, which promote the travel guide and tourism in western Georgia, Warsaw, Poznań and the partner city of Kutaisi – Czarnkowo
  • Conference finishing the two-year project, which took place in Kutaisi. In this conference participated a.o. representatives of local administrations, representatives of the Imereti Governor’s Office, representatives of the tourism industry, representatives of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, employees of local tourist branches, regional project assistants, experts and specialists employed in the project, representatives of the media, and beneficiaries of the project