Kraje prowadzenia działań


The ICAD Foundation has been implementing Georgia's activities since 2013.

Launching of a three-year project: " Development, cooperation, promotion and support for the implementation of the regional tourism development policy: Imereti, Lechkumi, and the districts of the cities of Martvili, Oni and Tsageri".
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Accomplishment of the second stage of the project launched in 2016, which is the culmination of 5 years of activities related to the development of tourism in Western Georgia. In 2016, the project focused on organizing promotional trips for Polish tourists, designating new mountain trails, integrating young people, training for young tourist guides and collecting materials for the website and for the promotional guide.
  • we carried out promotion of the western regions of Georgia in Poland and held promotional meetings with employees and beneficiaries of the project in Warsaw, Poznań and Czarnków,
  • we were present at the Word Travel Show in Warsaw, where representatives of regional administration and partner organizations, together with representatives of ICAD Foundation, promoted the following regions: Racha, Imereti, Megrelia,
  • a free guide about western Georgia was published and distributed in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań and Kutaisi, Georgia,
  • the activities carried out over the past years with the partner organisation Pro Motion Georgia, administrations of Kutaisi, Oni and Martvili were presented at the final conference of the project, which brought together representatives of almost all Western Georgian administrations, the media and representatives of the tourism sector.
Launching the biggest, two-year-long phase of the project, which is a direct continuation of the activities carried out so far. This time Imereti, Racha and Megrelia regions are under consideration. The project has combined the most profitable elements from previous years, e.g. staff trainings, trainings for representatives of rural farms, an additional element of the project were activities such as:
  • promotional trips,
  • designating 3 new mountain trails,
  • integrating young people and youth exchange between regions

Taking into account the necessity to improve the standards of mountain’s rescue functioning services in the Svanetia region, the ICAD Foundation has launched a project to rehandle them.

In 2016, as part of a project carried out by the Foundation:
  • Experts from TOPR (Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue) and GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue) conducted trainings improving qualifications and operational abilities of rescue service employees. Together with representatives of local administration, they developed a crisis response mechanisms.
  • the beneficiaries of the training, with the support of experts and the administration of Mestia, have created the nucleus of the Voluntary Mountain Rescue Service
  • Experts conducted a verification of the functioning of their equipment, the level of skills of their employee before and after training,
  • basic rescue equipment for individual survival craft was supplied
Launching of another project carried out by the Foundation in the whole Imereti region, which is an extension of the project from 2014.

The project activities focused on training of residents of houses and wineries, training concerned marketing activities and enabled the beneficiaries to start up as accommodation facilities, sell services and products.

The website has been significantly expanded and a promotional brochure describing the Imereti region has been printed. The employees of the project started the promotion of the region in Poland.
Launching the first project in the city of Kutaisi, the project focused on activities aimed at training tourist guides for young people.

As part of the project activities, the first version of the website connecting with tourist attractions of the city of Kutaisi was created.
The Foundation's employees began their activity with an analysis of the situation in the country and creation of a network of contacts.